Ledbell Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2008 , is of of the national high-tech enterprises.  Nearly 10 years of innovation and sediment , making us in field of Solar & Led lighting leadership .

The company currently employs more than 100 people , more than 30 million invested nearly to build 3,000 square feet of manufacturing base, with multiple sets of automated production lines , complete advanced R & D and laboratory equipment, more than 10 efficient R & D and service teams . Ledbell will continue to invest in research and development, sales and logistics , experimental base, and the introduction of features prominent fittings upstream strategic partnership , built fast service , technical expertise , leading quality , excellent value for money and customer trust road safety brand.

In the design and development of technology, the industry's leading , with more than the industry's top experts in semiconductor technology and the complex technical and management talent , has a more than 10 well-trained design and R & D team , with more than national core expert , R & D capabilities and innovation capabilities at the forefront of industry peers , a positive innovation, absorb the industry's most cutting-edge technical resources , and domestic universities, ASTRI and the National semiconductor Lighting Center partnership , and hired a number of consultants and international experts .

In terms of quality , in a leading position in Asia , the company has a strict quality management system, has passed ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001 quality and environmental management systems related to the certification, UL factory certification, product by UL, SGS, 3C certification. Has complete and advanced laboratory equipment, research and development stage in the product design rigorous experimental verification , product quality is stable and continuous improvement.

In terms of products , the company has LED application products from supporting strong advantage, the company 's lighting products throughout the company's core product strengths , so that customers can enjoy high- quality common price . Shorten the lighting product development cycle, improve product differentiation flexible design to create lighting product design, elegant taste , fast service , excellent price- new competitive advantage .

In the market, companies with more than 10 years of international well-known enterprises to establish a long-term partnership .

LEDBELL the entire nuclear superiority resources to deepen breakthrough innovation , the pursuit of quality and excellence, creating perfect service , so that everyone enjoy the classic, clean , high-quality lighting, along with guard harmonious future .